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        Mohegan Sun at the Wolfs Den,ITS FREE cost you nothin Friday Feb.26th 2010 John Cafferty and The Beaver Brown Band AKA Eddie and The Cruzers Hit song Dark Side!!
        I’ll be there with my Dover Drag Strip shirt on !Whos going?


            This one is a perfect Dover 60’s Summer song ..classic line “let those lakes pipes roar”…kind like our” Dover Days”.

            “Street lights, crystallize the city
            Scarlet, sunset soft and pretty
            Shadows, race along the beach
            Schoolboys are back out on the streets
            Gears are power shiftin’ down the Old Escape Road
            All the kids are dancin’ as the jockey spins gold
            Everybody’s fakin’ that they’ll never grow old
            Open up your door
            Let those lake pipes roar
            Into the
            Wild Summer Nights oh babe those
            Wild Summer Nights”

            V-Bob …will be contacting you about grabbing some goodies !



                OK who’s going to the Mohegan Sun for the show???
                I’ll be there with MY DDS COLORS !!


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