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        Trying to get in touch with John Gunn? A site member gave me his phone number. I am not sure if he is scanning his calls and won’t pick up because he don’t reconize the number? I am guilty of this myself but I have a answering machine he doesn’t? If anyone knows him what is the best time to get a hold of him? Will you let him know someone from area code 518 is trying to get a hold of him.

        Thanks Jason


            Keep trying if your sure the # is correct …I had the same problem…Maybe Pat knows a ‘short cut” .


                Dino Lee Valentine gave me the number, I am going to assume it is correct.



                    He does not have an answering machine and is to cheap for caller ID . He is either there or not. Usually the phone is busy. Keep trying he told me yesterday he just spoke to Valentine.
                    Gunns Automotive Machine
                    1179 Noxon Road
                    Lagrangeville, NY 12540-5975
                    (845) 223-3613



                        I thought that number was his house phone not work. I have been trying in the evening I will try tomorrow.

                        Thank you



                            Talked with John today. He said A guy by the name of Butch Christmas bought a 68 L78 Nova from Mid-hudson chevrolet and lived in Pleasant Valley NY. Anyone remember Butch? Nothing came up on a white page search. That was where my owner in 1978 bought my car, he could be the missing link!Thanks for all the help!



                                Hey, i was at John’s today he was out to lunch call in the morning thats the best time. Brian M.


                                    John is out to lunch 24-7!

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