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      Wow…doesn’t seem that long huh?…Almost 72000 visits with 16753 posts in 2131 topics.!….over 790 guys true to the Dover Heritage have registered -found lost friends ,and just look what Brian started by bugging me for Dover relics in July 2008…..and he’s still at it ….searching out Dover-Cars- People-Photos-trophys-car parts-stories. We now have generated : Dover Fests (2)….OUR OWN Race !…..almost 4000 found & rescued photos….Miles of video footage….National coverage In Drag Racer Mag…..the 50th anniversary AT the TRACK location ….And A internet connection to the longest running Track Reunion in the USA -the “Smokey & Grover Show” -the Dover Reunion in Danbury. Some have gone , but more arrive weekly ……..we have our trials… but YA CAN”T Take Dover From Us. My sincere thanks for all of you for making this a labor of love, and SO glad we all hooked up again…..”Attention In The Pits” ! The track may be gone, but the cars ,the memories and the “family” are Here …….Got a TON of goodies planned ,so stay tuned to the never ending saga of DOVER DRAG STRIP….”when the Hills of Wingdale rumbled with the need for speed , lifelong freindships were made and the Old Dover Farts showed ’em how its done.”

      MY FIRST POST …just a few hours after we went Live Online:


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        I know that when I first heard about the site, I was a little skeptical, I just could not figure out how a website about an old race track(what I considered my home track)could possibly have to offer anyone. After my first visit, and talking on the phone to Dino, I was hooked. Too many memories to mention, and seeing posts by old friends was almost too much. Then Dino steered me to the M&M site, and I renewed pretty much a 32 year old friendship with Rich Marchese. I’m now an administrator on the M&M site, and I travel down to Davie, Fl. a couple of times a month to help out wherever I can. I don’t know how Becky puts up with me for two and sometimes three days in a row. Good thing the two dogs like me, or I’d really be in trouble. Well, I’ve rambled on enough, talk to you guys down the road. ………….Mikey 😆

        P.S. Rich is in the hospital, flareups of some health problems, plus he does not know when to slow down and rest. He wanted me to post something, and let everyone know that he’s feeling better, and will rest up and be back at it as soon as possible. Please don’t call Becky, she has a lot on her plate right now. Call my cell, she will be staying in touch with me, and I’ll keep you posted. Cell, 407-394-6830 Thanks…………………Mikey, Rich, and Becky 😆

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          You have every right to be proud Dino, keep up the great work

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            Pasqualine Linguine

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              Where did 2 years go??? Making this Dover thing a reality, thats where. A big thanks to Dino for all the hard work keepin’ the memories alive. Sept.’s race is sneaking up fast!!

              Bobby Smith

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                GREAT JOB DINO !!! Time flies, doesn’t it ?
                Thanks for keeping the family together.

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                  Dino Lawrance deserves a lot of credit for being a truly excellent promo man in his own right.


                  One really major thing needs to be brought up. The whole thing about The resurection of the first “Helz-A-Poppin” dragster wouldn’t have happened if not for this forum. Now, that’s a real feather in our cap isn’t it…?

                  A lot of good things wouldn’t have happened… but did. And credit is due right here.

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