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    Jim Brown
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    Hi everybody.
    My name is Jim Brown and I used to live in Shelton, Ct. in the 70’s.
    I drove a P/S green 64 Falcon during the 1970 season, then Uncle Sam came calling.
    When I came home from the Army, all my friends that raced at the same time had all moved on to other things and so did I until Dover re-union race at Lebanon Valley in 2015 or 16?
    One of my best friends at the time was Walt Taylor, the owner of the Monkeys Uncle Falcon sedan delivery E/MP, hence the sign in name.
    Unfortunately Walt has long since passed, and the car was sold back in the earl 70’s never to be seen again since the new owner owned a body shop and in became the Blue Max.


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    Hey Jim,welcome aboard! I remember seeing the ‘Monkey’s Uncle’ Falcon Delivery at Dover. Didn’t Don Scinto have something to do with the engine? maybe I’m wrong??? What was it powered by, a ‘Ford’ ? I remember it ran pretty well back then,and the paint job was wild !!!

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    Here ya go


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    THANK YOU Dino, for sharing those ‘classic’ photos of the ‘Monkeys Uncle’, much appreciated to take a tour down Dover’s ‘Memory Lane’ I’m sure Jim will appreciate them too! Thank goodness some of the guys ans gals that came to Dover, thought to bring a camera along and capture shots like these!!! :geek: 😮 😀 ….Pete.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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