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      From MOTOR CITY!….Keith Ingersol:
      “Hi Dino,
      Dad lives in Clifton, NJ – he moved there in 1971 for work after he married my mom, been there ever since. I’d be glad to post some more pics of his car – which one, the Comet or the T-bird? He has very many fond memories of racing at Dover and was thrilled to see the website.
      He’ll see ya at the Drags ”
      Detroit, MI

      Copied this from his site to fill ya in ….
      The Lost Car Registry! If you’re looking to find a car you wish you hadn’t sold, you’ve come to the right place. We’re a free, open forum dedicated to helping reunite people with a former beloved vehicle. While my personal interest is in reuniting musclecars of the ’60s and ’70s with former owners – owners who may have sold their cars prematurely and have since regretted it – this site is open to ANYONE interested in finding ANY former vehicle.
      Surely you’ve heard someone say, “If only I hadn’t sold that car! I wonder what ever happened to it?” or “I really miss my first car. I’d do anything to get it back. I wonder if it’s even still out there.” Perhaps you’re the one who might have said it! If that sounds like you, take comfort, look around and start posting.
      Conceived as a vague idea during a late night dinner in 2001, The Lost Car Registry is the work of Keith Ingersoll, a lifelong car afficienado. A native of Clifton, NJ, Ingersoll gained an appreciation for automobiles – specifically, American muscle cars – from his dad, Gerald, a former amateur drag racer and best backyard mechanic east of the Mississippi. Indeed, a long-standing interest in locating his father’s 1969 Ford Mustang Mach I (VIN:9T02R156354), sold more than 20 years ago, served as the impetus for this site.
      A 1996 graduate of Rutgers University, Ingersoll previously worked in publishing for several years as a reporter and editor. He graduated from Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor, MI, in 2004 with an advanced certificate in automotive mechanics. He is employed by Classic and Exotic Service, Inc., one of the Midwest’s largest automotive restoration facilities based in Troy, MI…………….Boy… Do WE HAVE some “stuff” to Locate !

      ………………………………See about He’s Dad’s Cars at Nostalgia Drags Team Check-in !

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