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      L.I.M.A. , Long Island Motorsports Association http://www.limotorsports.org , http://www.facebook.com/search/?q=ahra&init=quick#/pages/Long-Island-Motorsports-Association/190781434288?ref=nf

      L.I.M.A. was formed in 2004 as the motorsports communities organization to fight for US and bring back motorsports to long island where motorsports started in the US.
      Where once we had 48 facilities from staten island to montuak and 3 drag strips we now only have ONE 1/4 mile short track.
      We have been fighting for the epcal property along with some temporary plans.
      This year again, after november the RR company has to pay for the property or make a 1 million payment to prolong the buy out of the property for 1 month. There people have approached our people looking for money.
      After elections this term in Riverhead and hopefully the people of riverhead vote for the people we have listed at http://www.limotorsports.org we can get back what it is we all want.

      So if you also want motorsports back on long island were it belongs join http://www.limotorsports.org

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