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        Was At Track all day With Bobby Sr & Jr…What a great Team….Both cars qualifed WITH some explaination…Screw up on line when Both Lagana cars ran together …other cars green light stuck on …starter waving his hands ,which had Bobby loose his focus wondering “whats going on” ? tree came down ,both made run ….but Bobby shut off early ,not knowing what was going on in other lane. He said if he kept in it ,he would haver been # 1 qualifyer …the way the car ran. But silver lining is—- saved a ton of parts by backing off. They DON”T intend to run both cars in today’s 3pm 2nd round ,as they are solid in the field .Bobby VERY thankful for how I made the car look-Lettering AND DOVER on the side Big and Bold —>Bobby Sr. grinning from 😀 ear to ear ! NTB came to bat to sponsor AGAIN ! WareShoals Dragway on car Cause he’s running there next week(Exhibition) ……….VIDEO :

        Click for Video

        “Bobby Lagana, who lost to Litton in the finals at Baton Rouge, will prove one of the toughest challengers in the Top Fuel field. Lagana knocked off one heavyweight after another en route to making the finals and has hopes of doing much of the same at the Spring Nationals.
        Two of the drivers Lagana knocked off at the season opener, Del Cox and Terry McMillen, will be looking to rebound after early exits in Baton Rouge. ”

        ROCKINGHAM, N.C. – Order after one round of qualifying in Top Fuel at the 2009 Nitro Jam Drag Racing Series, IHRA Spring Nationals presented by Advance Auto Parts and Castrol:

        Psn—Num-Driver, Home Town, Car Type——–…………ET–Top Spd

        1 345 Bruce Litton, Indianapolis IN, Hadman-TFX 4.721 290.32
        2 744 Del Cox Jr, Downey CA, McKinney-TFX 4.739 312.28
        3 121 Terry Haddock, Woodinville WA, Agan-Hemi 4.767 302.14
        4 116 Paul Lee, Anaheim Hills CA, McKinney-TFX 4.837 304.05 <——–Other Twilight Zone Car
        5 666 Tim Boychuk, Edmonton AB, McKinney-TFX 4.852 270.81
        6 141 Bobby Lagana Jr., Scarsdale NY, Hadman-BAE 4.863 236.92
        7 444 Fred Farndon, Edmond OK, Hadman-TFX 5.334 266.58
        8 3516 Terry McMillen, Elkhart IN, McKinney-TFX 5.335 177.53

        ———— Not Qualified ————

        9 323 Chris Karamesines, Chicago IL, Uyehara-BAE 11.156 69.50



            2nd round Qualifying. over ..Only 3 cars ran…Not really any change in order….More later…heading Back out to the Track


                HOLY HOCKEY PUCKS!!!!!!
                Great job Dino!!!
                On a top fuel team,Will you ebertalk to us gasser guys again !LOL!!
                Now,we want to see that same car on Sunday in the winners circle at The Rock !!!
                Thanks again!!!

                ‘V’ Bob


                    LAGANA #1 Qualifer Until He’s Bumped to #2 …The Crowd and Announcer Go nuts !

                    FINAL TOP FUEL Qualifying …about
                    Here’s the specs…..from dragrace

                    second to last pair
                    Left Lane: Bobby Lagana Jr. Runs 4.676/301.94, Now #1; Best prior run: 4.863/236.92, Was #6
                    Right Lane: Terry Haddock Runs 4.774/275.22, Now #4; Best prior run: 4.767/302.14, Was #3

                    “Lagana hasn’t been out since the first session, but really proves a point with this pass.
                    I don’t know if there is a lower-buck fuel team on the planet and here he rotates the earth and jumps to the top of the order. That takes some very smart people who use hard work and brains instead of cubic dollars. This is a team to admire!”

                    ….last pair…Cox bumps him to 2
                    Left Lane: Bruce Litton No Time, Now #3; Best prior run: 4.721/290.32, Was #2
                    Right Lane: Del Cox Jr Runs 4.635/315.64, Now #1; Best prior run: 4.739/312.28, Was #3

                    Litton gets shut off after the burnout.


                        Oh well….Lost in first round… 18 inches ! King got wholeshot …His best run in 5 years ,said Bobby Jr….So Close…but crew in great spirits …both Lagana cars ran 4.80s (Top Fuel Final -Both cars in the 5s) and very happy with doing what they wanted to run. Next Time …thats racin.

                        Bobby Lagana Jr. ………………… Mitch King
                        4.838 292.46 …………………… ****WINNER**** 4.894 283.13

                        >>>>All this Video & Photo “race Coverage” Great practice! Never did it before (ala, Video Bob-Bobby S.) I’m ready for Nostalgia Drags now !


                            Sorry to take so long to get a post up on the site here. Site is awesome, and Dino’s a helluva guy. Dino made sure we looked good with the car. To bad we underestimated our opponent on Sunday, but thats racing.
                            Sure made my Dad’s weekend when he saw the dover sticker on the car. It is always good to bring up old memories with everybody. We will continue to do what we can with what we got. We are very lucky to have alot of great friends, and we have an awesome family. Thank you to all who root us on!!!!!
                            Bobby Lagana Jr.


                                Thanks Bobby ! Stay in touch ……Hey Guys !….Bobby mentioned If they could …It would be Cool to bring the Top Fueler to the Danbury Reunion ! 😎 …Cackle cackle !

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