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        Our Busy Track Historian is on the trail of new found Dover Relics! so lock up your trophies 😀 ….No seriously …He’s got some Hot finds..two in Bethel And he’ll be in the Area snooping and following up on leads, this weekend. One Bethel guy said he was cleaning his attic and found two old Dover Trophies …Asked me to “Find A Good Home -free for the taking” ….Thats all Brian needed to hear! Plus he’s also going to find someone who has old Film ,slides AND worked for Chet at Gas Station and also helped with track construction. Smokey ! …He’s also headed for your basement to see what ya got . 😯


            Don’t know if he made it…will check .


                NO SHOW

                drizzle’n only a few die hards showed, (9) 🙁
                anthony c was there, 😮 we stayed for a while,
                got a copy on ct cruise news 😛
                great article D on sycamore :ugeek:
                and the other on dover race, 😯
                maybe next week a better night, 😉
                O no thick-a-shake,, 👿


                    Yeah…so I heard…He was back Home by 9…saw him On The Forum.


                        Heading back to Ct. Thurs or Sat…Got some goodies Last Sat…Including More 8mm Film ,trophies ,photos…Our “pack rat of Dover relics”


                            Hey lot’s of stuff found this week 10 trophies and one 1970 lamplight trophy. A bunch of pic’s from ”74” and many new leads not enough time. Next in line is stack of Dragtimes and film. Brian M.


                                Brian just sent me more stuff Too ! …He’s a 2nd Generation Dover Brat…sent me photos of HIS DAd racing at Dover ..Still races at Island Too ! …watch for that soon in “Generation Gap”

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