looking for bondo betty and red lead sally

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        if any one has any info on these two please contact dino or me

        edit-dino…..Laughing too hard to reply 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆


            Ok to end your curiousity….When Dave And I ran the Sycamore Cruise I had these two manequins ..We called them Bondo Betty And Red-lead Sally cause I had to do a little body work on them after I liberated them from a clothing store dumpster. Now we’d dress em up or down and stick them in my woody and drive around just to see the reaction. Dave’s full of these storys. good times,good times .


                one afternoon at the shop in danbury dino took sally outside dressed in a bikini and leaned her against his 50 ford woody. a little while later i came out, on my way to the beer store across the street. as i passed betty i pulled down one side of he bikini top. a few minutes later this spanish guy came flying by in a beat up toyota, he took a triple look at betty. when he fianally looked back at the road, he was staring right at a big box truck, which he hit head on. when he got out of the car he came back to the shop to use our phone to call the police, i offered him a beer to calm him down, but he refused, you just can,t help some people


                    Hey gringo sheees having a warddobe malfucntion BAM


                        i loved them both, real hard bodies.


                            Brian,sounds like another case for you!
                            Find Sally and Betty !!
                            Should be easy to find ,they hang out around dumpsters on weekends!!!



                                BUMMER when I saw you log on I thought for sure
                                you had pictures from “UP-STAIRS”. 🙄
                                see ya Saturday at the Valley 😛
                                BOBBY S.

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