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        I am currently the owner of a 1960 Corvette, that originally ran at Dover in the 60’s with the name Restless painted down the sides. Restless was painted red and gold metal flake, had a custom nose, cut out wheel wells, straight axle front end, and was powered by a ’65 Vette engine, high performance 327, 365 HP. She also had two four barrel AFB carbs, ladder bars, and a push bar. I have just become a member and I’m not sure how to post any pictures I have. I do have old Polaroids that are a bit worn that I’d love to share, which I believe would trigger someone’s memory. As I stated, I only have pictures after I bought it, but none from the days at Dover.
        Since then I have completely done a ground up resto and now Restless is a daily driver. I changed the nose back to original, but kept a radical Chamelion paint job.
        Anyone with memories of Restless at the track, I’d love to hear from you.
        One more thing, Restless was built by a man whose last name was White.

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