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        SourPuss (or Sour Puss) 2 was a green ’55 Chevy Nomad that ran C/MP primarily at New England Dragway in the late 60’s. It was campaigned by Bob Broadbent who sold it to a Connecticut racer at some unknown time. I believe it was match raced after that.

        It had a 265 SBC & four speed and would carry the front wheels through second gear.

        I’m looking for any pictures or knowledge of where this car currently is.


        Mechanic Falls, Maine

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            I’ll Put This out to the New England And Conn Dragway guys. And ….Welcome aboard.

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                Sour-Puss II was not a Nomad, but a 4 door 210 wagon and BEAUTIFUL ❗ ❗ 😮
                One of my favorite 55 wagons.. 😀

                Frank… 😎


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                    Frank, you pulled another one outa your hat,once again. THANK YOU for sharing.I only remember seeing it once!…..Pete.

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                        Thank you so much for posting this picture. This was my favorite car as a budding 10 year old drag racing fan. I’ve searched for pictures on the internet over the past years, never finding one. Like it was yesterday, I remember my fingers wrapped in the chain link fence at the starting line at NED with this car staged at probably 4,000 RPM. When the lights started down, it would rev up to the point that the exhaust tone would go silent. At the drop of the clutch the rear end would slam the slicks down, exploding the rear wheel well 6-9 inches upward while hiking the front wheels 18 inches or so. More often than not, the car would carry the front end through the 2nd gear powershift before setting it down. Pure poetry in motion and sound to my young ears & eyes.

                        Those were the days when watching most drag cars was fun… When they had real names, when delay boxes and throttle stops didn’t exist, where the next new performance trick was worth four tenths not 4 hundredths. Don’t get me wrong, 50 years later the technical side of racing is still amazing to watch, but the individual personality of racing is now largely obscured by marketing gloss.

                        At this stage of my life, I’m fulfilling a lifelong dream to work on a team, which I do as a crewmember on the Tigges Racing top alcohol funny car. The comradery of the class participants and technical beauty of the racecars is now more satisfying than it ever was on the opposite side of the fence, but my love for what I do now was born out of the amazement of what I saw as a boy watching Sour-Puss II.

                        Thanks again for the picture(s).

                        I’m not sure I want to know if the car still exists, I don’t have room for another one…

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                            I believe this is the hot rod that Chris is a crew member on …

                            K Man

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                                Chris, My pleasure to find the picture for you. I am a great 55 Chevy fan and have no models that I dislike.
                                Enjoyed your story and it seems to be a carbon copy of almost every drag race fan. I’ve gone to national
                                events all the way back from 1968 and see where it’s headed much to my dislike. It’s all about money, corporate
                                sponsorships, etc and not racing. It’s about entertainment !! But like you Chris, I will never forget the
                                sounds of those high whining small blocks cars in the modified eliminator classes. 😮 😀 Chuck, nice find
                                on that funny car photo. You’re the best !!

                                Frank… 😎

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                                    Yup, that’s the Tigges TAFC, Lebanon Valley last year. It was the first time out for our new body/chassis & we won the event.

                                    Story of that wet & wild weekend here.


                                    My love of 55’s goes way back too, I think I built the AMT ‘Badman’ model at least 10 times as a kid. There are some beauties still racing out there like these two.

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