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        http://www.lta-lsr.com/track.htm Now heres a bunch of guys going real fast with Land Speed Type Cars up in Maine….at old ‘heavy bomber base “…A lot of old Drag Racers And Group Organizer sent me This …HE’S A Dover Guy ! :

        I’m also a Dover Attendee from the 60s, was secretary/treasurer of The Pavement Panthers, all out of The Bronx. We ran mostly lower stock class street cars. Most successful was a 64 Impala ran KSA, slightly prepped by John Galli.
        I got drafted in 65, never made it back up there until about 15 years ago, and judging by your video, it’s changed a load since then. My previous trip there was one original building left, I even found some track literature in it, I still got it someplace, I believe. Like I said, I passed by a loooong time ago, there was this building that had some flyers in it. I do not know where it is now, if I find it I will contact you. Same deal with a lot of slides I took back then, one of those winter/rainy day projects you never get around too.
        ( You Know -Brian And I Are On This !)
        I’m presently the President (drafted,again) of the Loring Timing Association in Limestone,Maine, a Land Speed Racing track, presently one and a half miles of accelleration way up in the “crown” of Maine.
        My LTA has an event in August,might have a second this year on that 9/25 weekend. Check out the website, it’s all about a lot of old drag racers too. I’ll peruse your forums,Thank You

        Bob Wanner in NY “


            more from Bob:
            “When I found this new place in Maine, I was very fortunate to have the President of the ECTA and a bunch of his regulars from down there up to help run our first event. We had over 400 runs in three days, over 100 runs over 200 mph, and a record set for the worlds fastest street legal motorcycle at 265 mph.
            The best part, which all us old drag guys really liked, was the low-key-no-bracket-brain-non-NHRA type atmosphere. The nicest people in racing are involved in LSR, and no nicer people than the people of Aroostook County, Maine. It’s like 1964.
            My partner in the LTA and I will probably be at Maxton (N.C.),their first event in April, you should definitely be there. It is the Hot Rod magazine challenge event, fastest LSR cars in the East. Plug in Loring on You Tube, there’s videos posted there of the place from LTA 2009.
            Bob W, Yorktown Hts NY”

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