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    Recently located Al Svarplaitis’ 1970 yellow Dover official jacket, will be posting pics soon, it is in excellent condition. Keeping it, and his memory alive.

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    Here’s Al’S (The Starter) JacketThat Brian M. Rescued !!!! contact Brian If you have old stuff !!! He’s on the forum …he’s our “Track Historian ” and will have much of his impressive collection on display at the Reunion in Danbury.


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    I have an extremely cheesy Dover class winner trophy on my desk from ’71; small slab of marble with a plastic loving cup and a socket for a light bulb and shade…somebody had scratched “’71” in the embossed plate that says class winner….I’ll see if I can get a pic…cheesy but priceless……. :mrgreen:

    ” When you see Milner, tell him I’m looking for him and I aim to blow his *ss off the road……”
    Bob Falfa

    gaspumpchas 😀

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    So did Al pass? I was talking to someone a year or two ago and he had moved back into the area from Florida, I believe.
    He was a good guy. I’ll never forget teh time Dad let him tak a pass by himself in our ’64 max wedge! He couldn’t talk he was so excited after the run. (or maybe he couldn’t shut up?) Anyway, he was one happy camper.

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    Storm King has to “catch Up” …he’s been AWOL for a while …Fill him in on Al guys…Als daughter at the Reunion and on the forum ‘stormy”. “Guess he’ll have to do some ‘Browsing” -huh?

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    Any One know of any other Jackets ?

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