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        Recently located Al Svarplaitis’ 1970 yellow Dover official jacket, will be posting pics soon, it is in excellent condition. Keeping it, and his memory alive.


            Here’s Al’S (The Starter) JacketThat Brian M. Rescued !!!! contact Brian If you have old stuff !!! He’s on the forum …he’s our “Track Historian ” and will have much of his impressive collection on display at the Reunion in Danbury.



                I have an extremely cheesy Dover class winner trophy on my desk from ’71; small slab of marble with a plastic loving cup and a socket for a light bulb and shade…somebody had scratched “’71” in the embossed plate that says class winner….I’ll see if I can get a pic…cheesy but priceless……. :mrgreen:

                ” When you see Milner, tell him I’m looking for him and I aim to blow his *ss off the road……”
                Bob Falfa

                gaspumpchas 😀


                    So did Al pass? I was talking to someone a year or two ago and he had moved back into the area from Florida, I believe.
                    He was a good guy. I’ll never forget teh time Dad let him tak a pass by himself in our ’64 max wedge! He couldn’t talk he was so excited after the run. (or maybe he couldn’t shut up?) Anyway, he was one happy camper.


                        Storm King has to “catch Up” …he’s been AWOL for a while …Fill him in on Al guys…Als daughter at the Reunion and on the forum ‘stormy”. “Guess he’ll have to do some ‘Browsing” -huh?


                            Any One know of any other Jackets ?

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