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        Sorry, but I forgot to tell you guys. The other day, I heard that Dick Towers of Match Race Madness passed away. I don’t know the exact date (neither did the guy who told me), but I do know he was battling cancer for at least a few years. 🙁

        The question is, what will happen to his massive photo archives and perhaps more importantly, what will happen to his impressive collection of genuine historical Pro Stockers. I heard at least one of them was never retrieved from its Midwest storage location. I’ll try to call one of my serious collector buddies . . . he might know. 😕

        In the meantime, I wanted to pass the info along in case any of you knew him. To me, he seemed like a really private kind of guy, but he was extremely knowledgeable about drag racing (in general) and totally passionate about his Mopar Pro Stockers. R.I.P Dick


            Mr. Towers did lots more than Pro Stocks. He tracked down and saved LOTS of cars, MaxWedge/Hemi Mopars and anything else. Most recent cars to see the light of day thanx to him are the Ramchargers ’64 “2%” car and the Golden Commandos ’65 Plymouth AWB. Hee is a little video I made from footage I shot at the Flatlander Fling in Nebraska; which was held in honor of Dick Towers. He went for a ride in the Golden Commandos car and a Hurst HemiDart.

                quote 34gasser-65AWB:

                Mr. Towers did lots more than Pro Stocks.

                Yep . . . I’m aware. I ran freelance coverage of the “One-Time Only, All-Hemi Reunion” that Dick helped organize (Drag Racer, March 2009) at Quaker City Raceway, the week before Indy in 2008.

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