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      Sorry, but I forgot to tell you guys. The other day, I heard that Dick Towers of Match Race Madness passed away. I don’t know the exact date (neither did the guy who told me), but I do know he was battling cancer for at least a few years. 🙁

      The question is, what will happen to his massive photo archives and perhaps more importantly, what will happen to his impressive collection of genuine historical Pro Stockers. I heard at least one of them was never retrieved from its Midwest storage location. I’ll try to call one of my serious collector buddies . . . he might know. 😕

      In the meantime, I wanted to pass the info along in case any of you knew him. To me, he seemed like a really private kind of guy, but he was extremely knowledgeable about drag racing (in general) and totally passionate about his Mopar Pro Stockers. R.I.P Dick

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        Mr. Towers did lots more than Pro Stocks. He tracked down and saved LOTS of cars, MaxWedge/Hemi Mopars and anything else. Most recent cars to see the light of day thanx to him are the Ramchargers ’64 “2%” car and the Golden Commandos ’65 Plymouth AWB. Hee is a little video I made from footage I shot at the Flatlander Fling in Nebraska; which was held in honor of Dick Towers. He went for a ride in the Golden Commandos car and a Hurst HemiDart.

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          quote 34gasser-65AWB:

          Mr. Towers did lots more than Pro Stocks.

          Yep . . . I’m aware. I ran freelance coverage of the “One-Time Only, All-Hemi Reunion” that Dick helped organize (Drag Racer, March 2009) at Quaker City Raceway, the week before Indy in 2008.

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