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        Okay, guys . . . here’s what went down last night. My respected buddy (and master Funny Car builder) Steve Plueger, called and invited me to a huge Christmas party. It was held at Jerry’s Transmissions in Norwalk, California, about two miles south of Mooneyes. I’d say there were at least 300 people there. Besides the tables of food, tubs of brew, plenty of “high-test” beverages, hot rods, race cars, rat rods, lowriders, and Harleys, the highlight of the festivities was Chuck Worsham’s MegaRita mixer, powered by a nitro-burning, 500 cubic-inch, 14-71-blown aluminum Hemi.

        We’ve been having a cold snap all week, coupled with two inches of rain Monday and Tuesday and another two inches Wednesday night into Thursday. Last night, the temperature was dropping quickly through the 40s again (the overnight low was 38), and Worsham hoped it would light, because the oil was so cold. I lost count of how many half-gallons of Tequila were dumped into the mixing buckets and how many bottles of LaPaz Margarita mix went into the concoction.

        Well, after a few cranks she lit right up and the “unwashed” who’d never heard a nitro motor before were in disbelief and dazed. Chuck lets it warm up a bit and whacks the throttle lightly . . . all’s good. He gives it another crack and KABOOM! It chucked a rod, spit the blower belt off and broke a fuel line. We had us a conflagration, boys! Naturally, oil spit out from the hole in the back of the block and fuel sprayed from the front. Guess what? They forgot to have a fire extinguisher nearby. One of the guys made his way through the crowd into one of the shops and got one, but it did burn for a while. Once the cloud of dry powder settled, the star of the show was wounded, sizzling, and “bleeding.” One of Worsham’s buddies got hit by the belt and suffered cuts to his eye, nose and lip. He quickly administered more liquor, though.

        To view the EXCLUSIVE images, visit the Dover Multimedia section (Must be logged with user name & password) and click on “Other Photos.”

        You heard (and saw) it first from the source. Updates as they become available — film at 11:00. Enjoy!


            You gotta see this …Geezers unleashed ! Dem So Cal boys been sniffin the nitro too long ……


                Could you please put a link in here? I can’t find the multi media link! And I’m logged in.

                    quote bossguy:

                    Could you please put a link in here? I can’t find the multi media link! And I’m logged in.

                    Bossguy . . . When you’re on the Board Index, you’ll notice the graphic border is split in two sections — the “Forum Index” and the “Multimedia Section.”

                    The first three links in the Multimedia Section are: Video Section — Historical Dover Photo Gallery — and Any Other Photos

                    Just click Any Other Photos and look for the MegaRita post. You’ll feel like you were there. Cheers, Guy!

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