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    Post for ROXREC..(I’m still not on the Forum due to some hacking into my computer. Thanks
    to Frank and Dino for making posts for me.) My friend Tom and I were talking about a display
    (actually Tom made it a couple years ago) for the Reunion next Sunday, Sept. 2md at Big Al’s.
    I looked back at the Candlewood Customs Post, and the August 9, 1964 results really caught my eye.A dopey kid’s name is right there with some of the heavy hitters of early Dover – go figure !
    Where were you that day, John Sachs ? I think you had already retired your 38 Chevy (tied with
    Grover’s 39 Buick for favorite Gasser of all times), and were running the Anglia ?? Here is a
    picture from the Cullen Collection of my friend’s D/Altered that I drove that day. Behind it is
    the 62 Impala SS push car and that’s probably me leaning on it. The car was last seen in our
    area in 1966, then disappeared.

    ps. Hey John, August 9, 1964 was Billy Casey’s birthday…He was 18 years old
    and probably at Dover that day ! 😆 Ah ! I see from Dino’s post, Billy was there !! 😆


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    May have been between builds, or at Conn.Dragway. 😕

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    I checked and that seems to be the only shot we have of that coupe….Anymore Club car photos?

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