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      A few years back I called an ad for a GTO for sale and, while I ended up not buying the GTO, the seller and I started talking cars and said he was restoring an old 57 Chevy that was a local track car and ran at Dover. I have pictures of the car back in the day and now…is that guy on this forum?

      The car appears gold and had “Menard Bros.” on the doors in white. Straight axle, fenderwell headers and I would guess a BB with injectors.

      I would like to share the photos but do not want to step on anyones toes…should I post the photos?

      Anyone remember the car? It may have had “Deep Freeze” on its quarters.

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        REMINDER TO ALL—> search feature up top .I put in Ebay (Remembered post -‘Menard’ would work too)..Here’s the last post on what we knew about this car…ebay posting probably gone now:

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          You da’ man…got to use that search function…I guess he decided not to restore it…

          I just have to share this shot as it is a favorite of mine…I do not know any of these guys…

          But you don’t have to to appreicate the vibe…what a crew 😎

          I have more shots of the car…if anyone wants to see them speak up…

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            I DO! That 57 nomad in front of the Menards car looks familiar, I am still searching for that elusive picture of ME as a young lad 45 years ago.


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              OK, you asked for it…

              I do not see a tower…is this Dover?


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                That’s New England Dragway!

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