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    Hearing problems with the “ethanol” being added to our street gas. Clogged fuel filters and things.So whats the Differance..thought “Alcohol” as in ‘drygas ‘ was a good thing? is this additive -whatever it is, turning out to be NOT Good ? do I have my chemicals mixed up .?(…this should get ’em going ;))

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    They’re both alcohol. The diffences is that Ethanol is a fermented alcohol made from grain, starch, sugar, potatos, sugar cane, and plants.
    Good Methanol is usually made from natural gas and coal. Some companies mix it a little different but you get the idea. These are synthetics.

    Here’s one to freak you out, Natural Methanol which we digest is in tomato seeds, and peach pits!!!!! That’ll explain quite bit for all you fellow pasta eaters 😛

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    ……………..AH-SO ! thats why tomato-head farts so much !…samples the products at the stand too many times !

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    Today’s gas has a short shelf life. I had to rebuild the carbs on my Triumph motorcycles twice already. To extend the life from 3 months to 2 years I use 1oz of “seafoam”for every gallon of gas. The bike guys claiim it’s better than Stabil. Same goes for any collector cars that might sit over the winter.

    Al Baran

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    I had the same bad luck with Stabil, usto us it for all my
    equipment at work that was put away after season use.
    My local small engine dealer told me about the stabelizer
    from Briggs & Straton it works great, I been using it for
    over 5 yrs now and no problems on start-up the next season
    I also used it in my ‘original ’64 Barracuda I redid, put the car away
    started once a month and no problems with the gas
    in the tank the following spring. All gaskets and floats were OK.
    Even worked on my ’00 Monte SS for the winter months.

    I put it in every time we fill up gas cans at work for equipment.
    super easy to use it comes with a measuring
    cup built on the bottle, fill cup to top, good for 1 gal.
    can also be uses on 2 cycle stuff, but we found another
    produce that covers all mix ratios & has stabalizer in it.

    It was mentioned at one of the factory classes that
    Methanol & Ethanol will collect and hold water
    particles, is any water is in the vehicle/equipment tank it
    will take the water through the fuel system.

    The stations now are to have filters at the discharge side of the pumps
    to filter out water from the in-ground tanks, some
    gas companies charge the dealers almost $ 4o.oo a filter.

    Just some FYI
    Bobby S.

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