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      Flyin’ Phil Flynn told me about this !

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        Brings back a Mopar memory,,,,,, back in the early 80’s Dennis of Dennis’s Sunoco Broadway Newburgh had a Hemi Belvadier look just like that Silver Bullit he sold it for a 8 grand , seemed like big bucks back then too.

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          Thanks for that lead-in.
          I remember seeing a photo of that car on the internet somewhere.
          It was with the car on the lift at Ted Spehar’s Performance Center
          (Sunoco Gas Station). They were showing the (4) long Cadillac mufflers. The coolest thing,
          monster pipes coming off the headers and then each collector branching off into a
          “Y” unit, splitting each header-exit pipe into dual-Cadillac mufflers.
          ‘Ain’t No Back-Flow Pressure Hear’..
          I have to research the web,,,it may have been on a Ted Spehar site,,the one with his
          prepped 1966 D-Dart..
          Paul,,,(Thanks again for the site info)

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            There’s a guy over in Glasgow, Kentucky that has a Silver Bullet clone. Very cool.

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