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      Whan time allows 😉 check out these pictures and stories,
      some of the members might remember a few of them.
      Ideas from the past that a lot of young racers
      think were perfected lately. 💡
      BOBBY S.

      (found this looking for dover radio commercials)

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        Thanks SO MUCH Bobby…for this Great Link to show “The Kids’ ….HOW IT Was….And thanks to all of you for taking the time to put Fantastic info on our Forum to make it one of the Best overall overviews of Northeast Racing in the 60′-70’s …Too many Forums stay in there own little “niche” BUT we have something for everyone. This Link is a Good example of how The Dover Guys operate……We may have been a little “independant” track without all the big track bells & whistle upgrades ….But We have what most “impersonal ‘-buy the pitpass and race Tracks lack….Heart , Soul, ‘Family’ and a comeradery that beats all…….We’re Home here again …and if the first (almost) 5 months online is any indication…it’s only going to get better ……will fill ya all in, another heading “Whats in the Future”……………….. watch for it !

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          This Link takes you to “the Insider” pages at …they are updated weekly ,and what he referred to can be found by clicking on “next Page”… and search, through all the past posts as new pages are added….lot of stuff here ! including “Ghost Tracks” featuring Dover .

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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