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    Got from reliable source that Moroso isn’t doing to good and operating on 1/3 the work force after four rounds off lay-offs. Some that were there for over 20 years gone .Only producing 1/3 the product they used to .Banks seem to maybe be calling the shots . Anybody up there have anything to add to this ?

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    I’ll try to get a feel for what’s going on. I have long-standing friendships with people who are both near and at the top, and plan to go there either before or after Englishtown.

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    Did Dicks grandkids take the company over? Just kidding.

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    GENE …Ricks there…but so is “The Management Team”

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    Shades of W.R. Grace buying Mr Gasket?

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    Glad to here MOROSO is “FULL SPEED AHEAD” ❗ I have used and will use MOROSO parts on my cars for years ❗ I have no complains , ………..aluminum crank pully -Boss 302-351C , electric water pump drive, 3″ wheel studs , aluminum rocker covers , custom deep oil pans and pick ups and oil resistor kits and Hi-Pressure oil pump spring 351C …………AND I just bought a new MOROSO battery Box ❗ ❗ ❗ …………..So keep making parts I buy em ❗ …………..So Rick are you going to maybe bring one of your vettes to the Dover Race at Island ❓ …………………tomato ❗

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    Thats our Tomatoehead….,loyal as they come…Hey…already PM’d Rick And Some times ya gotta hear all sides of the story. Bein’ down here….I only know what guys tell me & assume the info is correct. If it sounds like a “rumor” …lets treat it like one…We’re all new to this Forum game and stuff like this is a good lesson. My line about “Buying Junk from China “and repeating things before checking them out. which I try to do …was out of line and Apoligize to Rick for that….Won’t be the first time I screwed up…see the post, of how I got Fired from Dover! Old Big Mouth inserting foot again.

    see their new stuff at

    see the other site photos at Dover

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    Better News : Randy Fish -Drag Racer Mag. Editor is coming East for E-Town Nationals And will be in Conn. to visit the old Homestead …hit some car events AND VISIT MOROSO. Straight shooter Randy will be getting the lowdown and I hope some of his Great photography reports.

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    I am sure that Dick would be very proud of the job that Rick is doing. Dick was very receptive to any of the old Dover guys that would contact him. He gave me a tour of his Guilford facilities once and gave me a copy of “Money” magazine which had his picture on the cover. I have to go into my pile of stuff and dig that out.

    Al Baran

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    i worked for dick in the late 60,s in the greenwich ct. store. if dick sold it, you needed to have it. he didn,t sell junk and i,m sure his son is the same way. they didn,t get where they are selling junk. dick was a great guy i loved working for him.

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    Dino. Thanks for the reply. Apology accepted. Especially at this time, I think rumors like this can do more harm than the economy, and I tend to be a little protective of our company and products. When Randy is here, he will see that we are chugging along doing our thing. No need to delete the thread, I just wanted to make sure everyone heard it from me.

    Thanks guys! I truly appreciate the kind words, your support and business!

    I would like to come to the Island event, but until the date gets closer, I don’t know. It just depends on what’s happening. If I can I will bring my Dad’s car of course. I have attached a pic of what it looks like right now.

    Everything is good.


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    Whew! Glad we all kissed and made up…didn’t want to get fired again. Won’t be the first time ,us Dover Guys had a problem in the “Pits”….cool thing was, we were back next week…and went on with racing. THAT CAR IS ABSOLUTLY OUT OF SIGHT ! …the retro details…wheels-tires are dead on. Going to try to “match” up an early shot of same car ar Dover. Unless you beat me to it. Rick….you will enjoy Randy’s visit….he’s quite an “interesting” character ! You know of course, Randy’s Drag Racer Magazine will do a feature on the event….courtesy of our In-House camera dept. (Bobby.S.) and the Race WILL be part of our BIG VIDEO documentary project. I could “montage ” actual footage of that car we have back then, with it running now . Video -Bob and assocites will have multiple units rolling…..need that vette in the mix!

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    Hi Rick

    the vette is a KILLER, really good to hear that a
    local family/company is still in the running with the way
    things are now-a-days. I know that the racers in the area are supportive
    to you, Always see your items on our NETO cars
    and any of the other nostalgia racing groups in the area.
    I sure that any racer in any NHRA division
    especially Div. 1 or the Ihra circtut
    will be behind you 100+%.

    If you are in the area for any of the special
    Nostalgia events up here, you always have
    a HELLO waiting for you at the NETO tent. 😉

    KEEP 😀
    Bobby S.

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    I am a FORD man all the way ❗ ………….. but the corvettes like 58 59 – 61 62 , I like the best becuase of the std straight rear axle housing ,and not the independent one with the two shafts … 63 and later , ….do I have that right ❓ ❓ remember , I am the FORD GUY 😆 ……..i rode in a couple of vettes on the street like back in 1973 that my friends brother had it was a 63 blue fastback or I guess you call them split window ❓ and had a 327 365 hp i think, 4 spd and 4.11s and he used to work across the street from the farm at the Harley-Davidson shop ,W.B. JOHNSONS in Somers NY and he took me for a ride down the street AND MAN LET ME TELL YOU I NEVER LET GO OF THAT “CHICKEN” handle on the dash 😆 ❗ I mean we burned out all the way down the road ❗ ❗ stoped turned around and did it all the way back 😆 ……………..HEY I love that scoop , what kind is it ❓ It looks like its “MOROSO” made ❗ …..hey Rick , maybe if you wanted to , you could “reproduce” them, …….but its probably a crazy idea 😮 …………………….tomato ❗

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    Saw the Vette at a Connecticut Dragway Reunion a couple of years ago !!!
    Hope it’s there this year,always the monday after fathers day !!


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