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        You remember him as parts manager at Dobb’s Ferry Ford ( home of one Killer T-Bolt)
        Now he’s “MR SHINE” got this from his website:

        SHINE ENTERPRISES is a family owned and operated business, based in Dutchess County, NY, owned and operated by husband and wife team, Rich and Jackie Warner. Our business began as a part-time operation in April of 1986, selling RACE GLAZEĀ® Polish & Sealant, mainly at car shows and flea markets. It became a full-time venture in 1992, when Rich volunteered to take a pre-retirement leave of absence from IBM – the business was getting busier, and was more gratifying then the IBM job.


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            Thanks for the post – I started to post to this forum last night, but ran out of steam…

            Back in 1986 my wife Jackie and I signed up as Race Glaze Factory Distributors.
            Race Glaze is a line of “car care” products, manufactured in Lannon, WI
            by a company that develops/blends/packages liquid products for many major compaines.
            We’ve vended at over 400 car shows since 1986, mainly here in the NorthEast,
            but we’ve done Charlotte twice, and the Myrtle Beach “Run To The Sun” show a few times.
            The Navy Blue Angels have been using Race Glaze for over 20 years,
            and the USA Bobsled team has been using it for about 15 years now,
            since I left a sample at the shop in where they’re built – Vhassis Dynamics in Oxford, CT.
            We carry a number of other quality products, including “Purple Metal Polish”,
            the most impressive liquid metal polish that I’ve found yet (especially for aluminum).
            ==> We will provide a 10% discount to all members of
            ==> Ask for it in the “comments” section of the online order, or when ordering by phone.
            ==> Discount does not apply to “Monthly Specials”.
            Check out our site:
            Thanks – Rich Warner – “Mr-Shine”

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                Rich just called From Florida…Has a Condo in Stuart……Going to Cruise and shows.. will be heading back to Fishkill in a couple weeks .

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                    Rich Warner reported:
                    We’re running a Spring Sale on our products. I hope to have the web site updated within the next few days with the sale prices.
                    These sale prices will be in effect through April 30th.
                    Here they are, in case anyone is interested in taking advantage of the sale:

                    Race Glaze Polish & Sealant: $ 12.00
                    … Race Glaze Gloss Highlighter: $ 10.00 (with FREE micro fiber cloth)
                    Race Glaze Trim & Leather Renewer: $ 10.00
                    Race Glaze L.A.S. Wash: $ 6 (2/$10.00)
                    Race Glaze Leveling Compound: $ 16.00
                    Race Glaze Fast Action Compound: $ 17.00
                    Purple Metal Polish: $ 12.00
                    Aluminum Deoxidizer: $ 12.00
                    Kozak Auto DryWash Cloth: $ 10.00 (2/$19.00)
                    Kozak Spray Wax: $ 11.00 (2/$21.00)
                    ZDDPlus oil additive w/zinc 2/$18.00
                    Flitz Paste Metal Polish – 50 gr tube: $ 9.00
                    Flitz Paste Metal Polish – 150 gr tube: $ 20.00
                    Flitz Paste Metal Polish – 906 gr can: $ 50.00
                    Flitz Polishing Ball: $ 28.00

                    For now, anyone interested in taking advantage of this sale,
                    please call us at 1-800-Mr-Shine (1-800-677-4463).
                    If we are not in, please leave a message – I will return the call ASAP.

                    ==> For our fellow cruisers: Ask about how you can get wholesale pricing
                    ==> on our products. call, or see me at a cruise night for details.

                    Thanks – Rich Warner (“Mr-Shine”)

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