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    just finished redoing this picture in my new photo program 😀
    of my flat head digger & friends,
    (sorry guys for not remembering your now wifes’s names
    or destroying your last names) 😳
    standing in front of the car is Jerry Dislandies, with his wife behind him,
    drivers side fender is Butch Linderman & his wife behind him,
    these guys still in putnam county. 😯

    Chris Vignogna is taking the picture, 😥
    Louie Vignogna is helping me with the belts, 😉
    behind Louie is my mom. 😎
    have to guess 71’sh

    I know someone will know who the guys are packing the shoot
    next to me.
    Bobby S.


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    looks Good ! That mean you’re cleaning up old photos ? are you awake there in the cockpit ? also looks like a lot of dragsters that day in the backgound …anybody know theo ne right next to him ?

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    Bobby,you look like Wolfman Jack in that picture!

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    BOBBY S,

    You are one Cool-Looking Cat DADDY-O 😎 😎
    I’m pretty sure I caught you in the movie “The Wild One” with Marlon Brando.
    I think your name was “Sling-Shot Bob”. You blew away Lee “Cheeno” Marvin in a match-race,
    to take the “Quickest-In-Town Title”. Classic line from that movie, “It’s my trophy Cheeno”.

    Looks like your MOM is wearing the correct outer-wear. A Plymouth wind-breaker, with
    the racing stripe on the left side lapel, with a Red Plymouth Heart emblem.
    As you can see, “Dobie Gillis” is packing the chute on the other rail, beside you 😆
    Louie V., always toiling with something, trying to help out. Must be the water in Mahopac.
    Chrissie, always with a camera, KODAK InstaMatic.
    OK, Jerry Deslandes. Still talks to my father every other month. With the pants he’s wearing,
    I guess Jerry was expecting a heavy downpour. I don’t see his electricians tool-belt on.
    Still didn’t get his 63′ Plymouth 383 wagon together yet 😮 Started the project in 1969,
    whats that 40 years. I wonder if realizes that Dover is closed. SORRY JERRY 😛
    Jerry’s wife, Roseann (formerly Roseann Butiglionne, C & A’s daughter). Love the flower pants.
    I was going to say that this looks like the “Summer of Love” tour (circa 1967), but it looks like
    maybe 1969, I think Roseann headed up to Woodstock (Bethel) right after you cleaned up in
    D/Dragster. Jerry didn’t go, he went back to work on the 63′ wagon 😆
    Love those pipes on the rail, CLASSIC. Go get’em DADDY-O.


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    Love Pauls commentary …Not Dobie packin the chute !…But Maynard …his beatnik sidekick (Maynard G.Crebbs) …This Dragster has been at dover longer than each owner that it passed hands from…differant colors ,etc. Someday I’ll compile a history of it in all its reincarnations…Question is who originally built it ?.Some owners :Carmel Ford, Pat Cramer,


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