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    NETO meeting January 13
    Tired of the cold weather? Getting bored being cooped up inside? Ready for some drag racing ( the bench kind)? Well it is time for our first meeting of 2018.

    We will gather at noon at Tina’s Restaurant in Poughkeepsie. We expect to discuss a proposed schedule for 2018. So lets see you there Saturday January 13.

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    Hello Everyone NitroFrankie Here,

    This notice is for EVERYONE and ALL NETO Nostalgic Harley Members. There will be NO Motorcycles Raced at the Dover reunion this year.
    With the Race Getting Bigger and Bigger every year we feel we are more in the way and will enjoy 5 other Dates with the Club.
    If you Have any Questions Please feel free to Call me at (203) 394-8928

    Thank You all in advance,

    Neto Nostalgic Harley Race Director

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    In the way ??? … its now a 3 day event ..

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    Yes Kman it is a 3 day event because of how Big this event has become and Because How far some people have to travel. There is just not enough time.
    The Eliminator class and Motorcycle class Will not be on the Roster This Year
    Thank You
    NITROFRANKIE Neto Harley Race Director

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    Guys…Read Deep In the Post I did in Oct. Explains all …Friday will be just Test & Tune and designed to get in as much Tech to free up Sat & Sun . mornings . All other delays experianced last year have been adressed.

    …You’ll See Elimination of ‘Comp” And” Bike” eliminators.

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