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        Hi all
        Have been lurking and noticed a few other dodgy kiwis on this board so I thought I would add myself to the mix. 😀
        Involved more in the hot rod side of things but love Nostalgia Drag racing.
        Have my own small business selling parts and accessories to Kiwi and Australian hotrodders.
        Fortunately I have a very understanding wife and 2 great kids. 😀
        Look forward to getting to know some of you hoodlums on here.

        Family pic.

        This is the current stable but the 2 big cars are for sale to help grow my business.

        The Coupster.

        The Dirty Olds Man.

        The Nomad. (my parts hauler)


            Great to have ya on board Dale!!
            Hoodlums,man ,you came to the right place !
            Beautiful family and thank you for sharing your pictures with us !!
            Nice cars ,I see left side steering where they from the States??
            We have the same taste,I had and raced this 60 Olds Super 88 at Dover Drag Strip!
            E/SA ,the pic is 46 years old if you look at my other pics of cars I have had you’ll see them in front of the same white garage ,I called it ‘The Dyno Room”!
            Great ta have you on,keep those pics flyin!
            I think I can see Long Island in the background!!




                Yo…. V-bob …Long Island ? na…I can see Randys house though 😉

              Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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