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        Here to introduce myself.

        Rob Beattie, son of photographer Brian Beattie.

        We have the newly restored Jim & Alison Lee Great Expectations II top fuel car.

        Happy to be in the forums.



            Just yesterday, I posted two of his dad’s photos of my brother’s AA/FD from Englishtown in 1966 at in a topic that is pertinant to this picture. Wierd coincidance…eh…?! 😯


                THAT CAR IS WHAT ITS all About …A piece Of Art ….Sixties Style …just beautiful and Runs Too ! Thanks Rob !


                    Welcome to the site. You have found and restored my favorite top fuel car of all time. Jim and Allison Lee always
                    had well prepared cars that were quick fast and pretty too. I always enjoyed watching Allison working on the car she
                    could do any part of the engine servicing. I am posting a couple pictures that I have of the car. Will you be at the 2010
                    hot rod reunion in bowling green?



                        Thanks for the pics, they’re great. Bowling Green is a planned stop in 2010, please come by and say hey if you’re there too.


                            Raley…Where you From ?….Looks like Our 2nd Annuaul Drags will be maybe end of Sept. And while I’m at it …Ask Dad about photos from Dover …probably not ,But maybe he has some Dover Guys…Try Twin -engined Shottgun Express at Englishtown around ’70 (Twin Engined AA/GD) and ?



                                I’m in central Jersey, the car is in PA near Reading.

                                I’ll ask him about the photos.


                                    Thats Great….Real Close to Be on Display At Our SECOND ANNUAL NOSTALGIA DRAGS …Huh ?Huh? Trying to shake up Billy Lynch & some others …wouldn’t they Look Cool together And Both Ran Dover.


                                        May happen, bookings are not my gig though. Touch base with my dad, shoot me an e-mail and I’ll hook you up with his e-mail address and contact info.

                                        Check out, nice piece on dad and the car including pic’s from when we found the car! True barn (or garage) find!


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