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        hi all,
        my name is lou saltarelli grew up in yonkers and rode shoygun to alot of the twin donut racers. i remember bill casey and fred egloff real well. went to school with rizzi but dont hold that against me. never had a ride of my own but loved all those sundays going up to dover with my broth-in law. he had a 65 plymouth wagon 383 4 speed and ran the same class as freds wagon. he went to 2 fours and ran m/p. he had a partner that owned a speed shop in the bronx “burke ave speed shop” 2 brothers anthony and kenny nester. they build a c/gas dragster and we used to race at dover,national, and westhampton. i remember twin donuts and racing on the sprain and hutch. ever once in a while we would go to webster ave and ran against the guys from ededwall projects. my brother in law also had a b/a that john from westchester auto in mv helped him with. this is a great web site that you put together and it brings back alot of good times. i have a 81 vette now just cruzin nice ride. billy if your out there hi. do you remember the lois brothers from midland ave nova ss and chevell 396 akso the albano brothers they both had ss 396s. danny farmer had a silver vette worked at the flying a station on ynokers ave.thanks all for all the good post saltydogfromyo


            Hey Lou …Welcome Aboard…V-Bob our official Greeter must be out .Hit the Shift key once and a while, to make a capital letter. 😆 Casey ….Heres another of your Yonkers Posse! Expect Rizzi to hop on here and add his two cents…Rizzi the Razzer .If you have any Photos or Film…we’de sure like to add them to our collections …E-mail or send reg mail. We’ll scan & return.


                Hi Lou … Bill Casey here … yes I remember you and all the names you mentioned . if I remember correctly you had a sister Donna that had a honda motor bike , might have went to the track with us a few times . OH BOY seems like yesterday … Billy


                    Casey would remember the Babes.


                        Dino if this Italian puts in his 2 cents in then I will have no cents…….. Wake up Kauer you have been to quiet !!!!!!!!! Louie post some pictures of that mint Vette of yours it is one sweet car. And went to school !!!!! You got to be kidding …… ….cutting class, going down to Fred’s ,racing on the Sprain for lunch $$$$$$ running our ITALIAN PROTECTION CLUB in the lunchroom @ Whitman JHS and then CASEYS……….. I could never understand why most guys wore coveralls when they worked on cars except Billy …….. ( Come on Donnie I know that you are gonna step in here) This is a great site with a bunch of great guys, Dino put this thing together right on the money. Riz~~


                            Hey Lou, Welcome to the site….. and Riz…Quiet I’m resting …….Billy and I are going out tonight 😆 😆 :lol:………………


                                Dino check this out: Mr. Louis Saltarelli welcome to a very pleasant web site where you can hold very interesting & pleasant conversations about Drag Racing with pleasant people like Donald Kauer and William Casey etc, etc. Louie I am now sitting down with my friend John E. Walker….. also a very pleasant person and welcome you aboard. Dino how did I do ?


                                    let Lou get a word in…lets see how you sound LATER…LOU don’t mind them —typical


                                        Thank You all for a warm welcome You are right Billy Donna is my sister she doing fine lots of kids and grand kids. Se i can use caps when i try. I will try and get some pics of all the cars my brother=in law had i also spoke with some more yonkers guys who use to go to dover yes DINO more yonkers grads. i work in a jail so its hard to stay on line for a long time but i try will try to post again soon.


                                            Hey Lou, do you remember Rich Marchese? He owned M&M Speed and Custom out of Kingston and Poughkeepsie. He is still in business in Florida, and has the sister site to this one. He sponsored “Mr. Ed” and several other cars. Check it out, it’s free…….. …………Mikey 😆


                                                The passing of and old friend:
                                                Dino and all of us who new Billy will miss him greatly. He will go on threw the memory of this great site that u guys out there put together. I looked at Billys year book pic the other night and all the racing on the sprain pky and twin donut race nights came back in my mind. So dont worry Billy it will be a long time and u will never be forgotten because the white clouds in the sky are u doing burn outs up there. RIP Lou Saltarelli ( saltydogfromyo)

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