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    Great Site! Visited Dover several times over the years. I to
    was a professional spectator traveled to races all over the

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    Welcome aboard! Got any old pics?

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    hey Cully…Welcome! first : where’d ya get that wacko user name ? Hope ya had your camera at Dover …we have a crankin Photo section (Plus the big ODF gallery), and did you happen to take/or know of old movie footage ? We need as much as we can gather for our new Video project.

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    Hi Dino I got my wacko name from my wacko racing buddies. When
    I started racing at Cecil County Dragway in 1964 I was Charlie
    Flower. They came up with (you cant get ahead of Cully
    Flower). The name has stuck for a lot of years. As for taking
    pictures I took pictures at every track I went to. Last year
    I sold most of my collection that I had saved over the years.
    Most of the pictures I took in the pits or in the staging lanes
    so now I have a lot of pictures that I am not sure where I
    took them. Today I pulled out a box and on top is a picture
    of the Speed Parts Center altered. I will post some pictures
    soon as I get it figured out what to do as it will be my first

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    Got any Shots of that Car you raced? What kind, Class, times? Plenty of help here posting Photos…Biggest mistake is Wrong size or DPI…the guys can help…just ask, PM or e-mail them …need a scanner though for old prints. If in doubt send snail-mail -we scan & send back same day OR send as E-mail attachment …easy !

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    Hi Dino Started out with a 55 Chevy 2dr. wagon ran D/MP street car
    playing with real race cars. Next 57 chevy glass tilt front end
    396 4speed. Got it into the 11’s drove it on street too. Local
    police really admired it. Stopped it a lot. Have pictures to

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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