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        From My E-Mail :
        “Just saw the website for the first time. Brought back lots of great memories. Used to go to Dover in high school in the late 60’s. Have a beer at the bowling alley on Rt 22 or another club/bar near the track but don’t remember the name…funny thing is I just bought a 70 Duster former drag car ,it raced from 76-82 at Lebanon and Englishtown. Have seen old photos of the car and am planning on restoring car to its racing days as close as I can. I love reading about the history and enjoyed all the photos…I’ll stay tuned for the next Dover reunion down at the dairy in Danbury. Thanks again! By the way, I have a cousin whose maiden name was Barbara Shaker from Danbury who married a Pat Archiere…is he related to the Archiere listed as track staff in the early days? ”
        ( Mike Mannion Might Know-He married into Joe’s Family)-dino

        John F.
        Torrington, Ct

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