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        Hey all,

        I’m new here to do some research for possible future articles in Camaro Performers Magazine or possibly for other magazines. I’ve always been interested in racing since I was a young teenager going to my local dragstrips (Sears Point and Fremont/Baylands) with my brothers and friends. Along with the racing, I’m interested in the history of it all too.

        It seems like there are a few Camaros in the section for finding old drag cars. Maybe posting them in a magazine might get some more circulation and help get some new/old faces in here to this great website.

        Let me know if you think this may be a good idea and if you’re are willing to help.

        I also came here to see if I could help a friend identify a Camaro he posted about a year ago that didn’t get much attention. I posted a couple of new pictures to see if it would help him with his search.

        Thanks for the great website and I wich you all a Happy New Year!

        Tony Huntimer
        Camaro Performers Magazine


            Tony…you are aware ,we now have over 3500 photos ,tracing Dover Action , with TONS of camaros. Many of our 690 on forum on ,race now or did run a Camaro.Try Camaro in search feature and watch out .ODF Galleries are the place to start or order our Historical PHoto Disc. Check the Store page for the disc and read “About ODF Membership ‘ topic.

            ……………Heres A story For ya ! and how I guys connected thge dots ! …Car just ran at our Nostalgia Drags

          Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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