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        my names bob schelb.many years at the track.ran a pinto in mod mini and awhile with a aa/fd.lived in danbury at the time.dino used to go over to fore n aft.hung with big bob the doorman.the good ole days.met my fitst wife there.glad i found this.was watching nhra today and someone in the backround had a sign “rember dover drag strip” logged on and here i in az now but still into cars.retired and have 05 mustang gt with toys added.great to be here.if anybodys here in az get in touch,would be fun.


            WOW…this is Cool …Welcome BOB ! Video Bob is our official “Greeter” but still at the track …He’s the guy holding the banner…watch for his crazy posts once he’s back home in Ct. Lot of stuff here …use the search feature. ANOTHER BOB ….we even have a post ABOUT THAT !


                Welcome aboard.
                No kidding, Bob was holding a “remember Dover” sign up behind the cameras at E-town? That’s funny!


                    Ok this is going all over…”See Englishtown…watch for Video Bob”

                  Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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