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    Hi all! my name is Jon Carr, I’m 13, me and my grandpa are building my first car, a 53 oldsmobile as a gasser. I’ve been addicted to cars ever since I was born! and if you think I don’t know what I’m talking about your wrong! I also build killer model cars, I’ve won many awards.

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    Welcome Jon!…How ’bout Granpa’s racin History ? Did He ever Race at Dover! Sure could use any stories or Photos he has.Show us how the Olds is coming!…Heading for That Is “Current Projects”.

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    Jon ,welcome aboard the good ship DDS.COM !!
    OH, I got stuff in the back of my refridgerator older than you, not that there’s anything wrong with that !!OH OH, let see some pics of your project Olds!!
    I ran a 60 at DDS !Gotta buy that kid a win for life lotto ticket !!


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    Welcome young man! I hope you enjoy this site.
    Well, as you know, gassers were full bodied cars that could run any make or model engine, so make sure grandpa knows that if he puts a Mopar in that Olds, it’ll go faster and require a whole lot less maintenance than a GM motor would! 😆

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    Jon…Don’t mind Storm King…He’s A Hemi guy…Put “Storm King” in the seach feature, and you’ll see where he’s comin from…Olds Gasser IS KOOL…Hey put a ’57 Police Intercepter 312 c.i supercharged Ford in it …That would shake Em’ up , 😯

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    Happy 15th Birthday Jon ! …one more year and you’ll be Driving ! LOOOOO000000oooooooK OUT !

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