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        Hello to all the Dover Dragstrip fans and former racers!
        I grew up in Pawling from 1950-1970, hence the username: ceer5070.
        I lived about 4 miles form the track so I still have vivid memories of the race sounds rumbling down the valley even before I made my first visit in April-May 66 for Dover’s 1st Funny Car showdown which Bill Flynn won. 66 was the big year for me visiting Dover: saw “Fast” Eddie Schartman trash “Dandy” Dick Landy going 163+/8.66 then break. Saw the Hurst “Hemi under Glass” wheelstander. In 67, saw “Brutus” defeated the “Golden Commandos” ( cool guys who my buddy & I help unload the Cuda Funny Car)! Saw Maynard Rupp vs Doc Burgess in a handicap match race after Eddie Schartman couldn’t show having broke at Englishtown the previous Saturday night. Also was there for the 4 car showdown with Al Graeber’s “Tickle Me Pink”, Don Sappington’s “Candid Camaro (which won), Norwood Chevrolet’s “Mighty Red Baron” and one other car that I can’t remember. Saw the Frantic Four Top Fueler go 202/7.47 and win the contest and Boucher, Szabo & Gillespe go 200/7.59 after they showed too late to quailfy! After 67, didn’t go as much, but saw the 69 match races with the very early 1st Pro Stocks. Never raced at Dover, but had a buddy who raced his 65 Fury III. All this action for what was it, $3/$3.50 for a pit pass and mingling with the cars and drivers!
        Left Pawling in 1970 and in 78 migrated to Texas where I still am.
        I’ve got about 3 doz. or so pics from 66-67 I’ll share with Dino. Maybe they’ll bring back a memory or two, but with 1400+ pics already, maybe nothing new either, but I’ll share because you never know!
        Great joining the site and the ‘Golden Age” lives on, Clark Rowell


            Welcome aboard! ’66 and ’67 were some of my favorite years as well. Where are you in Texas? I ran around down there a bit during the last 30 years that I lived in Tulsa before I moved back east to Kentucky.


                I live in the Austin area, the good ole capitol of Texas and the best place in Texas to live!


                    Clark….Welcome your photos and amazing specs and dates !


                        Dean: You’re welcome and my pleasure! I’ve restored the pics I sent you best I could-lol!
                        There are more I’ll be sending along, Clark.


                            Just got first batch from Clark ! heres a teaser….. looks like The Arrow lost this one …Clark? did he catch Billy?



                                Thanks for posting the pic Dean! I’m hopeless with computers-LOL, Clark.


                                    Clark just Became a new ODF…took him awhile…We thank him again for sending his Photo collection…in the ODF galleries and on our Historical photo disc…all the way from Texas! .


                                        Welcome aboard Clark! Enjoy the ODF forum,and tours down ‘memory lane’ !!!! 😀

                                      Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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