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        Now in NC, former Lockwood Ave, Yonkers NY. Hung out with Untouchables in 60s. Used to go through cars like water under a bridge. Had all kinds Studebaker LaSalle Olds Lexus Sentra Honda etc etc.


            Beerman ! Welcome ! I’m right down the road from ya in Rockingham. Hey -Les M. on here …And ther’es a Untouchables listing in Car Club Heading.Number of Dover guys here in N.C …check out the Members map.


                Hi dean, I met Les at Fatman’s last Thursday. He was there with his 39 Chev, and the Good Guys. There must have been at least 100 street rods of every description there. We got into talking about the “glory days” , and he mentioned having seen a picture on the Dover Drag Strip website of the old Bantam being towed by my 48 Plymouth(small block chev). That got me interested and curious. Pulled it up and signed in. Love the great photos and the Bench Racing forum. Noticed that Fred Egloff is a member. My first taste of drag racing was a trip to Montgomery with Fred and his station wagon, I was hooked. Still like heads up racing Such as “Pinks” and “Pass Time” better, with its run what you brung, than the big money nationals. I mentioned Fatman’s, I met Brent at the airport when he was a student pilot. It turns out that he and my wife were in the same high school at the same time, only a couple of years apart. He is in the business so we had another common interest. Keep up the good work, I must have spent 10 out of the last 24 hours browsing and remembering.


                    You will find a lot of your Yonkers friends here. I’m from there too. My Uncle owned the drug store at the foot of Lockwood Ave. on Saw Mill River Road, Masa Drugs and I was just up there visiting them last week.

                    Put ” Yonkers ” in the site search engine and see what you get…! You’ll be suprised…! A Yonkers friend of mine owns a private landing strip on Lake Norman… Maybe you know something about that too…

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