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    Glad I found this site a few nights ago. I just happened to do a Google search on “Dobbs Ferry Ford”,
    to see what hits I got, because in cleaning out my basement, I found a license plate frame
    from DF Ford, and a key holder. The 1st hit I got was a thread about the DF Thunderbolt,
    which actually has me in one of the pictures – I was the Parts Manager at Dobbs Ferry Ford.
    I remember Dino from back at Dover, and also for his DJ work at Sycamore Drive Inn in Bethel, CT.
    Lots of great memories.
    Rich Warner – “Mr-Shine”

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    Small World ain’t it ! here’s Rich’s Street Car ! Can we expect it at the Dover Fest ? Can see the ODF decal on it now …and a win sticker ! one coming at ya rich !


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    now that will make a real nice gasser…cut out the wheel wells , straight front axel , gut everything , plexy windows , hood scoop , remove front bumper , moon tank , M&H slicks , floater rear and .. AH HAAA … a Hilborn injected 302 small block..
    there we go , a E/Gasser … Oh yes , don’t forget the 150 lb battery in the trunk …. LETS DO IT …NUTS , it was just a dream 😈 😆 … Billy

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    as Digger would say….”Anybody can restore a car….it takes a real man , to cut one up” Hey, differant strokes for differant folks Billy.

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    Hey Rich, this is Gary. Still got that sweet orange 55 Sedan Delivery ?


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