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        Hi Dino…Great website…I was introduced to the site by Charles Irving…I was a watcher and sometimes racer at Dover in 64, 65, 66…Originally from Eastchester, NY, I now live in Somers, NY…Will check the site out often…Thanks…James Gresis



            Dino, go get another fatted calf from the barn ,another wayward son has come home!!
            Let the festival begin !!
            Welcome home James “350 sting ” Gresis !!
            Find a comfy chair kick back and enjoy the sites n sounds of days gone by!!
            Hey 64 ta 66 good years to be at Dover Drag Strip!!
            What did you race ?
            Any names on the cars?
            Whod ya go to the fast track with ?
            GOT PICTURES ?
            Your buddie C. Irving sure does, WOW !!
            Join ODF ?
            Get your friends on board the SS DDS!!
            Ahh, another White Elephant from Somers,N.Y.
            Must live next to Tomatohead!!!Check on him to see if he really has all those FORD parts he says he has,we need someone to keep an eye on what he really grows under those lights up in the attic !!
            Once again , welcome home,hope to see you at the DDS Reunion and DDS race at Island in October on the 18th !!

            What do you drive or race today?


                Mostly watched the races from the Pit Side of the track (Sure wish I kept a few of my old pit passes). I was from the north end of Eastchester, lots of guys from the north end went to the track on Sunday’s. I had a 1962 Chevy, it was nice but not fast. It was a 283 and I raced it in I/SA. When I didn’t take my car to the track I usually rode up with friends. I ate a lot of hamburgers and drank a lot of Pepsi, but it was fun and I always got a nice sunburn. I have a 1976 Stingray and 1976 Malibu Classic today. At one time I owned a 1966 Chevy Impala with a 396 CI, 325 HP, it was too fast for me and I wrecked it. Great website, I will come back often.


                    Hey Jim, I think I remember that accident you are talking about. Was this the one behind the A&P in the North End.
                    Wasn’t there a pole involved and a telltale positraction burnout marks that you Dad noticed. I may be an ODF but my memory is not completely gone.



                        Charlie…You do have a great memory. It did happen behind the A&P…Lots of burnt rubber and tire tracks…You guessed it, Pam was in the car with me at the time, I think she wanted to see me smoke the tires…It wasn’t long after that my journey to Air Force basic training began…Ah, the good old days…BTW I did join the ODF and I just finished looking at every single picture…You have some great shots…Take care..Jim

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