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      I just signed up. I am Al Johnson from Brookfield Ct. I ran a 67 SS396 Marina blue with black bottom in SS/F class in the late 60s till I was drafted. Lets hear from you guys and gals. Al

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        Video Bob! …You’re the ‘Official ‘Greeter…Give him the standard issue. Oh-welcome Al…Send those photos !

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          Another Prodigal Son returns home!!!
          Dino, go kill another fatted calf ,I don’t know, find one someplace,there still must be farms in Brookfield!!!Get’em a robe, sandles and rings for his fingers,strike up the band another long lost Dover Drag Strip brother has come home!
          Welcome home son !Al you ole Snake in the grass where the hell ya been???
          Now ,lets see,Al, what ya driving now?Where’s the 67?Wheres the throphys?I ran a marina blue 427 vette at the BIG D in stock!Love the color!Doing any racing ,helping, watching ?
          Got pictures,friends with pictures, peps you dont like have any pics or movies of Dover Drag Strip?Lets hear some war stories brother, where’d ya go after basic, A.I.T.??
          Brookfield, 10 mins from Marcus,20 mins from River View,2 hours from Island Dragway,hey jump on board the S.S. DDS ,put your feet up and enjoy life at the fast track Dover Drag Strip !!!Again, great to have you back ,now hand over all your money and drink the punch!!!


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            Ok Al…It’s official…That’s Video Bob….we put up with him , so his wife can get a break…V-Bob, Al’s In Pa. Now… Close enough for Everything!

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