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    oldgoat name is John Payne and I have been active in racing for some 50 years. Having been born in Canada my first exposure to drag racing was in the early 50’s and eventually found myself racing B gas (40 Ford/56 Olds engine)in 1958. My first track was Kohler, which is now the gigantic Toronto Motorsports Park.A long way from flagmen ! I moved my family to CT in 1967 and due to other obligations was never fortunate enough to run the Dover Track. However, I have many friends that did race there and have managed to make me as equally keen. Having retired I have renewed my interest in the hobby and for the last 14 years been racing independently (TnT) and organized venues such as F.A.S.T. and Supercar. My GTO was built as a street/strip car which enables me to drive it to and from the track (just like the old days).I was happy to be a participant(4 spd) in the first annual Dover Race Nostalgia Drags and look forward to many more.


            Hey John WELCOME… the Old Goat is the Pontiac ,certinally NOT you ! Welcome to the Group…You’re an official Dover Guy now, having run with the guys at Island ! Never too late .

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