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        It’s me, Twolanewayne the guy in the 55 at the “last race” …hope this is the right place to post. Ran Dover from 73 to 75 in two different cars…more on that later….Stopped in late 75 when Bracket racing was being introduced, not my cup of tea. More of an all out run whatchabrung, pedal through the firewall type of Guy. 31 years later got back on the Track again and was gob smacked to still see Bracket racing still alive 😥 ,so maybe it will go away in the next thirty years or so,LOL,,,TLW.


            Wayne ! welcome!…. so YOUR the guy in the ’55 runnin Brian in the “Last Unofficial Race” Video. This is the right place to post ..Is that car still on the road ? Bring it Sat .(Dover-Fest !)


                Thanks for the welcome Dino, Yep it’s ” on the road” but sorry to say sleeping in the garage. Re doing the wheel wells at the moment and the oil is way to thick to run it in the Winter. Had it at the reunion of 06, you might have seen it there. The previous owner hogged out the wheel wells wrong and what a pain to get them right again. Hope to see ya at the Bar this saturday…I’ll be the Guy with the spaghetti sauce down the front of me 😆 ,,,TLW.

              Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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