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        Looks like the next trick the administration wants to pull off is to take away the performance cars.
        See this site.


            Read the whole thing…Guy heading it up did Testing at Road & Track for years…Just another “agency” invented with an appointed CZAR to regulate New Car manufacturers.


                read this if ya missed it


                    Dino, You need to leave this little bit of profanity in ……….It’s the only way we can describe these jerks………..Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Dodd, Barney Frank, Etc. Etc. Etc…………..’censored’ …{my Kid looks at this site -dino]


                        Calm Down…Looking at the Car side Not the Politics…Watching out for our Motorsports. Don’t get a few things…IF GM is now saying they ‘Paid’ Off their Bail-out ..Does that mean the Gov. doesn’t tell them how to run their Company any more? .Also If Ford never got a bail-out, then they can Not be dictated to-Right? So said all that to get to this.Whats to stop at just new car “High performance ” stuff being tested by this guy,to expanding to existing Performance vehicles…and then into “Off Street’ stuff…Like our Race Cars,boats,snowmobiles,….I hope SEMA and others are ready to jump in and lobby. We can complain and call names all day…lets get some info …Maybe there’s something WE can DO positivly,to help the future of “High Performance Stuff”.Sure wouldn’t like to see Race tracks under some kind of Gov. Regulations. And what about Racing Gas?. Will they ban that?

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