NHRA Rule BOOKS ??? who’s got the oldest ?

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        Trying to find the oldest NHRA Rule Book that Dover could have adopted around 63 or 64.Thats When I see a Marked “change” in Classes And Car design…The old ‘homebuilts where “drifting away …and New ‘factory’ cars started to emerge. It Seems the “Big Shift” started .Possibly Due to New (then) NHRA rules.Need Your Stories ,on how you ran and Fit in any changes that took place.You can see it in the photos from 63 to 64 and most finally in 65.


            Guess we need to talk to guys that for some reason had to stop running a car ,and decided to race another.


                Dino I have 1962, 64, 66. I just have to find them



                    GREAT!…Then we can compare THE dover ’62 with NHRA…and see the changes in 64 .



                        There is a site with the older NHRA Rule Books and Changes.
                        1963 Top Stock Class was just S/S and S/SA
                        1964, AA/S and AA/SA were added for the older and heavier S/S cars (1962 409’s, etc.)
                        1965, S/S and S/SA were for the 65′ Plymouth/Dodge Factory Super Stocks, as well as the
                        late 64′ Hemi cars.
                        1965, A/FX 427 Mustangs were added to the mix
                        1966, A/S and A/SA were added to the Top Stock Class of S/S, S/SA, AA/S and AA/SA.
                        1967, Super/Stock was only for A, B, C, D and E
                        1968, gets a little crazy
                        Horsepower/Weight factors didn’t get straightened out until 1968.


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