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        The orange McKesson Bros car is a tribute to a real car that was around in the 60’s. It is on a modern tube frame. The Flashback Plymouth is a newly built car; the website is

        They are putting together an AWB matchrace thing out this way! Go see, good stuff. I’d love to get my Dodge running with them…


            Hey Bobby S.,
            Yes I got really good footage of that car in the water and on the run slamMing down on those wheelie bars (casters)!!
            The casters are really tucked waaaaay up under the ass of that baby!!!
            Dino will have the video by thurs.gotta see what he does with it??????



                Let me at it ! Video Bob …! we’re ready to do a longer one ! as work schedule permits with Papasmurf and myself. He’s the mechanic with that stuff -I’m just the creative director. But as always and even with new posts …trying to stay “ON TOPIC” Dover theme -nostalgia flavor of the era .Thought of splicing in old vintage stuff …Brian and jmb442 sending 4 dvd’s !!!!of ALL NEW (old) STUFF. Come to think of it …never found out Paul B.s ‘history’ of early racing at Dover ….fill us in Paul,Vincent and BoB !


                    Not much to tell on my part; I’m 30yrs old! Closest I ever came to Dover was a bunch of the reunions!

                  Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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