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        A few of your old Favorite Racers that have signed on as ODF Members Include: “Digger” Dave DuFrane-Dragster , Anthony Terenzio “Let It Fly” A/A, Billy Masiello-“Cool Aid Kids” Dragster, to name a few.


            i owned speed specialties with billy bragdon in the late 60,s and early 70,s, this is one of our ad,s think it ran in the pennysaver



                I wanna personally thank Dino for what might have been the most difficult sign up to date! I hope the stuff we contribute here in the near future (pictures!) makes it worth it. Thanks, man!

                [Welcome to ODF….just a slight adjustment between rounds ! edit-dino]


                    ODF MEMBERSHIP NOW ALMOST HALF of all registered on the Forum…Thanks guys …after expenses we use whats left to keep it going.( Servers -equipment -softwear) Gearing up for the BIG Video project…NEED MORE FOOTAGE.


                        ODF still holding at less than hafl total Registered on forum…..now 107….just a reminder that the the meager profit, after cost of items & shipping…. helps us keep this site going. Looking for Business sponsors to Have ads-links to thier site to help the cause. Big Video project costs Ok for now.

                      Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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