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    Just Signed Up Paul and talked on the Phone ! Paul had the “Speed Freak” and The “Scorcher”……Now running that bizarre Twin engine rail (See it at Topic- ‘real fine Pauls 409’s’) in “Where are they now “. I Hit the ODF galleries to refresh you memory….remember ?….


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    Dino,find that fatted calf out back,some rings,sandals a robe.
    You know the rest,another Prodigal Son has returned home,let the festival begin !!
    This guy was a oneterm mayor of Edward Ave.!!Paul knows what I talk about here!!
    Oh,get this Paul and Roger, the present owner of ‘Bad News’ had the paper route in town!!
    Nothing can catch my 409 -409 !!!
    Welcome home son !!Great to see you come aboard the SS DDS !!!
    Hope to see you and the crew at the May N.E.T.O. meet !!
    Pull up a chair and enjoy the ride!!
    Here we go, now we have two front engine dragsters for the DDS race at Island!
    Billy, are you ready ??



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