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      Hi Dino,
      Can you tell me the name and or Band that does the theme song on the Home Page of the website? ‘Out in the hills of Wingdale.? Awesome tune! The reverbed surf guitar is driving me wild!
      Great site!
      I’m 48, and live in York Pa with memories of York US30 Drag-O-Way. Spend a lot of my time dreaming about the drags. Collecting etc.
      Found your thread on the H.A.M.B. and found your site. Very nice how alive your keeping it! I’m just getting around the site and don’t think I’ll be able to keep myself from joining. Would love to see all these photos!
      Mainly an email to say THANKS for sharing the drags still!!!
      Be well Dino>
      Long live real drag racing memories!!!
      Alan (York Pa) (right outside of Dover Pa)

      ………..DOVER ,PA? thats Cool …….The Song ” DOVER DAYS” …with Lyics ,theme and Concept by me and Lyrical Format and other lyrics added and totally arranged by my next door neighbor ,here in N.C.,Tommy Adiemy. Tommy played in a band, “Nitro” in the mid 80’s traveling on “The Circuit”, up and down the east coast. He still plays in a band….Called “Ponder”-find on MySpace. He took my Lyric outline and concept and arranged the eintire thing. He played every instrument and did all the singing, except for some drum work by his son Dylan….then mixed the whole thing. He even used a vintage Fender 1962 Stratocaster for authenticity! He borrowed some of Ian Cubitts riffs (Hear On Teaser II Video) did in same key ,so it is compatable with Ian’s great instrumental, for a matching ” Dover trademark soundtrack theme” ….Very talented guy ! His Daughter just Won First Place at Middle School Talent Show AND My Son Josh (HotRodDJ-Here) Won Second …Rocking section of town!

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        “Some” of the Lyrics:

        “Magic Moments In my Mind
        Takes me back to a differant time
        Work all week and call it play
        Ready to race on those hot summer days

        Dover are Days are on my mind
        Drop the Hammer one more time

        Out in the hills of Wingdale
        ready to go and give them hell
        Across the lane you’re the enemy
        But need help in the pits,then you’re family”

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          Howdy Folks>

          That new guy would be me. That song has looped in my head for a few days now. It is just plain cool!!

          Honor to find the site via a post Dino made in the HAMB concerning ‘What happened to Drag Racing in 1964’. Great site here!!! I’m having a blast reading and filling up on Drags Goodness 😎
          I made a few trips to York US30 (just an Airport now again) located about 5 miles from me here in Pa back in the late sixties early seventies and its always been a place I go in my mind for real joy.
          I just love ole’ Drag Racing and the stories and its roots is all.
          Had a couple neat cars in High School (60, 67 and 68 Chevrolets) that I’d love to have back ha. Nothing to speak of racing wise but a couple light to light races in the city.
          I have a true respect for you Folks that loved real Drag Racing enough to make it grow into the love guys like me have for looking back at it these days!
          The good things about the old days. Thanks for sharing this incredible site man! Feels right, and does this spirit good.
          Hate to say I’ll probrably spend the majority of my time ‘lurking’ but I doubt I’ll have much to add other than ‘Wow’.
          Thanks for that now.
          Heading to become a ODF Member>>>
          Alan <><

          (the avatar is a shot of the flames on my older Brothers 50 Olds 😎

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            Heres ALL the lyrics on the original sheet !


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