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        I just updated my site with six pages of photos and videos from the Dover Dragstrip Nostalgia Drags at Island Dragway. Get added to the update list by sending an email to; you’ll receive an email from me whenever I update the site.

        It was a great time; excellent job by Dino and the Island Dragway management and staff.

        Bob Beucler
        DRAGTIME 1964 Dodge Polara


            Hey Bob,
            Nice job with the pics/video. DRAGTIME fits right in with Dover era cars…pushbuttons and all! Thanks.

            Bobby Smith


                PUSH BUTTON BOB 😮 (Another Bob!)..How Did You do all This -Fantastic AND still run the Car ?…Boss-groovy Job!


                    BOB Loved your car ❗ A friend of mind had a car like your but it was painted PURPLE 😯 and had a 4 SPEED ❗ I rode in the back seat to Dover in it ❗ what a great time ❗ …………………… after that car he bought a 68 YELLOW Road Runner ….. 383 4 SPEED 😯 …….. and I got to ride to Dover in the back seat of that too ❗ it was the only way to get a ride to Dover back then before I had a license 😆 …….. only lived a 1/2 hr away ❗ ………… tomato



                        Thanks guys, I love my Dodge too! I’ve often thought about selling it to buy a dragster, but my girlfriend won’t have any part of that. She knows the Dodge is unique.

                        I’m glad you liked the photos and videos on my site. I was pretty busy at the track, between racing and trying to cover the event.



                            Been editting Nostalgia Drags Photos ALL Day and tripped over THE DIRECT LINK for Bob’s Video AND photo coverage ….Never posted before ….Enjoy:

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