PHOTOS of "Fugitive" ’69 Camaro …anyone?

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      Dino…Any pics in the collection of a 69 Camaro called “The Fugitive” ? Spoke to a local friend/racer today. The car is being restored to almost Dover era race condition by its current owner . Bobby Smith

      We’ll send Video Bob to the Attic and Brian is checking his “stock” -he has more additions weekly-I get them in “batches” What Class/Color ?…and Who was original owner and who has it now? they coming together ? Need to get on forum And post in “Team Check0in” make sure they’ll pass tech ! edit-Dino

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        Here’s a pic of The Fugitive at Dover around 1974. Bill Cureton from Newburgh bought this car new at Bard Chevrolet & raced it at Dover until the track closed. It was a 396/375hp 4 speed, that later, had a 427 installed by Bard’s under “warranty”. The car was briefly returned to the street after the track closed, & then stored from about 1979 to 2009. Current owner Rich Roth, from Marlboro, is preparing the car for the Island race. The same 427 is being put back in, as well as all of the original lettering being recreated. This is a VERY low mileage original SS car. Both Rich & Bill plan to be at Island on the 18th.

        Jason Masi

        😯 ……Thanks for the info Jason!……………….I remember that Car!…………Me thinks theres a BUNCH of cars NOT mentioned in the “TEAM Check-In” at the Nostalgia Drags Heading . . . . we ALL might be surprised Sunday morning at Island, if things like this keep popping up ! Love the “Laugh -in” Style lettering! Any More 70’s photos ? we’re short on that ‘era’ …edit-dino


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          This car restored Real Fine…Made it to the Nostalgia Drags but Broke. I’ll dig up the photos .

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