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        OK does or can anybody know someone who does paint jobs here on the forum ❓ And I mean “just” paint no body work . I am going to need a coat of white paint for the Nostalgia Race, No body work ❗ just the paint I will have the car all done ready for paint , will just need to be taped and sprayed 😀 I can trailer the car to the right place , I really dont know anyone who does it any more and would like to bring it to someone who is interested in what we are doin ” Livin Dover” once again. I am thinking I would be ready July-Aug time , and yes will pay in Cash no check , Thanks ……….tomato




            Go see my friend Ray at Twin County collision hes easy to work with and will do a nice job .Tell him Anthony with the Monte Carlo sent you,they are in Pawling right near M&S Chevy in the back of the Getty station.


                Can do 2 ways ! Plain “Single stage” urathane Enamal -one shot …spray it & go.. ala Maaco…OR Base coat /clearcoat …allows you to “Dust a little pearl into it “…before clear AND buff it out nice & shinny…this would cost more .


                    quite a few MAACO cars in the area
                    with the correct package used
                    they look like a $2,000.+ paint job
                    no runs, no drips, worth looking into.
                    you can even bring the car there already taped off
                    if in a closed trail of cause
                    just keep the drivers door for the last piece to tape off.


                        Hammer !…sounds like the Andy Kinash “I’m Cheap ” approuch…but Hey …I custom Paint with House of Kolor Pearls, so I’m a little biased. You can get a decent job…just watch ’em !


                            have to say the race cars are done right, 😉
                            Steve White from the body shop does a KILLER job on them,
                            with out an oven 😮 even remembers how much of this & that
                            to match up at a later date 😛
                            like everything there are good & bad
                            has to do with the person holding the spray can ooppss 😳 gun.


                                Thanks for the help guys ❗ anybody else ❓ , just let me know ❗ have plenty of time to decide Thanks again 😀 …………tomato

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