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        O.K., another year’s wound off the clock again, who’s going to PRI?
        Why don’t one of you guys still hangin’ around Vails Gate grab little Joey Beltempo and bring him down?
        I think we’ve got booth numbers 974 and 976, I’ll double check and get back on here with them.


            Stormy …More Florida Guys on now Mikey and the whole M&M crew plus a lot of others …should see some old faces….We’ll set ya Up again with Dover Propaganda …wonder If Randy Fish goes to it ?. Opps ..Some Guys ‘might’ not know..Storm Explained “PRI Show”as this: “PRI is 1350 exhibitors, 3900 booths, and 40,000 attendees from 50 countries. I can see the whole thing in three days normally; I was just busy at our booth and couldn’t break away very often.”

            LAST YEAR:


                The big companies have scaled back their displays this year from what my PRI rep has told me, but there are 200 new exhibitors if I understood her right. It’ll be interesting to see how this turns out this year. I do know we got moved to a much nicer location. Dino, go ahead and send the stuff, we’ll exhibit it.


                    What number & local is your booth? We are going Saturday I think. I’ll look for you, If can get a wheel chair or roller shates, I’ll have to bring extra Meds to be able to walk that place!!


                        I’ll be going up early Fri. morning,and coming back to So.Fl. Fri. night.
                        John 😉


                            This is Gary here, Rich, but that’s O.K. I’ll get the particualrs of our booth location on here this coming week. We’re pretty close to “up front” this year. I think they rent sit down scooter at the convention center; I saw “Big Daddy” using one a couple of years ago. This is a small show, only one million square feet of exhibit space, SEMA is three million; it even wears me out!


                                Hers’s ALL the Info….Dec 10-12


                                    quote dinotheweirdo:

                                    …wonder If Randy Fish goes to it ?.

                                    We’re gonna pass. Orlando sucks compared to Indy. It’s a tourist trap.
                                    We get way more out of the SEMA MPMC (Motorsports Parts Manufacturer’s Council) Conference in January. It’s three days of 20-minute, one-on-one meetings with manufacturers chosen by each respective media person. I might check out the new Indy trade show next year. Lots of my advertisers are tired of the way they’re treated at PRI.


                                        Im a new Member, but I live in Kissimmee, so Ill just hop on my Sportster and tool on up there. If any one in Fl. is going, and you are passing through or close to Kissimmee, e-mail me, and Ill e-mail my cell # to you and maybe we can hook up. Mike(Mikey)McDermott.

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