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    Take a look …This is being Done NOW …lot of people involved (Including US ! ) we will be providing material for the project …It’s basically a TV special Production …Check out My ol “Mentor” Jon Lundberg on this video .He explains it all:

    THEN visit the Website: Find the link “for More Info” at bottom of page

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    Traci sent This;
    “Oh my god Dino! This is just marvelous. Thank you so much for posting our project on your site, what a great Christmas gift! The more we can get this project spread across the globe the faster we can go.
    We are planning for a 25 episodic series for cable and also a 5-disc DVD collector’s series, hoping to start interviewing over 180 pioneers this year.
    We have been busy, busy little bees. We have also been uncovering never before seen footage-all priceless!
    Would love to link sites together, I’ll get my Production/Webmaster extraordinaire the message.
    Once again, thank you so much for your enthusiasm-This is what we need to make this happen.”

    Traci Hrudka
    Chairman of the Board
    Quarter Mile Entertainment
    Parma Heights, OH.

    Name Familiar? Joe H. Mr.Gasket

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    What happened to Ken Burns????


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